U Don’t Know Smack! Drug Quiz

Title: Are You Drug Smart? Test Your Chemical IQ
Author: Jim Parker
Publisher: Do It Now Foundation
Publication Date: 2/02
Catalog Number: 103

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"SpecialK" is a PCP-like drug that can cause users to believe they’vebeen contacted by extraterrestrials.

Hash oil is derivedfrom hashish and rarely contains other drugs.

Which can increasethe risk of HIV infection?

Which of the followingdrugs is most often linked to incidents of date rape?

The main activeingredient in most forms of "herbal ecstasy" is:


What’s the besttreatment for heroin overdose?

Does cocaine producedependence?

Which is used inNative American religious ceremonies?

Which class doesn’tcause physical dependence?

"Designerdrugs" are:

Alcohol containsabout how many calories per ounce?

The most potentform of marijuana or cannabis is:

Which is mostlikely to trigger overdose with alcohol?

What side effectsare linked to long-term use of anabolic steroids?

Which drug causesthe most proven birth defects?

The most-widelyused tranquilizer in America is:

A cheap, smokableform of cocaine is known as:

On the street,PCP is sold as:

"Ice"is a smokable form of which drug?

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