Publication Series

All our materials contain straight talk, but the series name itself came from an early reviewer, who called us “Street-Smart Samaritans,” and wrote: “Straight talk from the heart is their hallmark. You’re likely to find sound thinking in DIN’s publications, but not much preaching.” Amen.

StreetTalk pamphlets focus on the ever-changing world of street drugs. From crystal meth and ecstasy to the latest club drug “flavor of the month,” if it’s on the street, it’s in our StreetTalk line-up.

Everyone’s life is touched by alcohol in one way or another. Alcohol & Alcoholism titles focus on ways we can reduce its reach into our lives — and the lives of the people we care about most.

Tackling urgent issues–from date rape and eating disorders to school and domestic violence–Lifelines pamphlets make serious points, without just pointing out the obvious.

Prevention with a difference: attitude. Reviews main drug groups (including alcohol and tobacco), with a twist that’s often missing: humor and respect for readers’ intelligence. For grades 5-8.

Examines key communication issues in recovery: triangles, unmet (and often-unspoken) expectations, and intimacy. Makes complex topics understandable and barriers to recovery manageable.

Maybe love makes the world go round, but sex causes its share of heartaches — and drips and blisters, too. Pamphlets in our Sex 101 series discuss the downside of sex so readers can reduce risk.

Culturally-relevant editions of our FactsFirst pamphlets, our Spanish-language materials tackle topics that touch all our lives, regardless of our heritage….

Fact-only focus and bookmark-size format make FastFacts series handouts a great choice for busy readers and value-conscious buyers.

Concise, graphic and easy-to-read, our booklets offer extended discussions on broader topics, from parenting to crisis response and recovery.

Teach without talking! Make a sound statement without saying a word.


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