Electronic editions of all our publications are available as Adobe Acrobat PDF (portable document format) files.

Acrobat preserves all graphics, font, and formatting attributes in a single file that is both compact (which reduces download times) and cross-platform (which means the file is viewable on both Macs and PC’s–and a variety of other workstations).

Both the Acrobat Reader and plug-in for your browser are available free from Adobe at www.adobe.com.

Acrobat has become such a universal format on the web that it’s well worth the download time and the space on your hard drive, if you don’t already have it.

If you do already have it, view away. If you don’t, mouse on over to Adobe to start the download process. Then, while you’re waiting for the download to finish, you can mouse right on back here and check out the non-PDF files that you’re interested in.

When the download is finished, you’ll need to quit out of your browser, install Acrobat, drop the PDF viewer icon into your Plug-Ins folder, and relaunch your browser.

Then do what you gotta do, depending on your browser (adjust preferences, etc.) to make it work. It will work forever (or until you change computers or browsers, whichever comes first), and you’ll never have to think about it again.


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