Mission Statement

Do It Now Foundation’s mission is simple: to create and disseminate accurate, creative, and realistic information on drugs, alcohol, sexuality, and other behavioral health topics.

We particularly address those individuals and groups — especially disaffected and high-risk youth — often ignored or underserved by mainstream prevention programs and campaigns.

To achieve this goal, we continually monitor substance use patterns and behavioral health trends so that our materials are both culturally relevant and personally meaningful to target populations and individual readers.

Purpose & Objectives

In pursuing this mission, we don’t condone or condemn the use of drugs, and we do our best to avoid moralizing about individual choices related to lifestyle issues–except when those choices impinge on the rights of others (e.g. DUI, chemical use during pregnancy, date rape, etc.)

Neither do we attempt to promote a specific political or ideological agenda. Instead, we do our best to achieve the following objectives:

  • 1) Advance our understanding of the basic processes of human consciousness and the drive states and psychological needs that impel people to experiment with psychoactive substances.
  • 2) Communicate those principles in as creative and empowering a manner as possible.
  • 3) Monitor patterns of substance use and abuse to accurately reflect current trends on the street, in our schools, and in the workplace.
  • 4) Track new developments in health and behavioral health research, and apply those perspectives to our evolving body of public health literature.
  • 5) Update all publications on a continual basis — even monthly — to insure that our materials are as timely and newsworthy as possible.
  • 6) Provide meaningful, credible information without charge to individuals and at the lowest possible cost to agencies and organizations.
  • 7) Master and apply new technologies to the information acquisition, management, and development process.


  • To the accuracy, relevance, and currency of the information we distribute.
  • To empower our readers to make positive changes in their lives.
  • To the well-being and integrity of our employees.
  • To the satisfaction of our customers and all those requesting our services.


  • American College Health Association
  • American Public Health Association
  • International Council on Alcohol & Addictions
  • International Working Group on AIDS & IV Drugs
  • National Library of Medicine
  • Partnership for Responsible Drug Information


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