Amphetamine Annie Note

The Bear’s
reference, in the PSA, to “that old Annie” was to the
much-heralded, much-mourned Annie in Canned Heat’s now classic-rock
radio standard, “Amphetamine Annie.”

Excerpts from
the first verse:

I want to
tell you all a story
About this chick I know.
They call her Amphetamine Annie.
She’s always shovelin’ snow.

Things didn’t
turn out pretty or well for Annie in the song–or for thousands
of other Annies in similar circumstances.

An example
from a later verse:

But Annie
kept on speeding.
Her health was gettin’ poor.
Saw things at the window.
She heard things at the door.

Her mind was
like a grinding mill.
Her lips were cracked and sore.
Her skin was turnin’ yellow.
I just couldn’t take it no more.

The conclusion–that
Canned Heat drew and urged on their millions of listeners:

Your mind
may think it’s flyin’, baby,
On those little pills.
But you oughta know it’s goin’ down fast
Cause speed kills!

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“–and other tracks from the album First
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