Fun & Games

All work and no play — you know the riff. If you’re turning into a dull girl or boy, try your hand (and head) at these harmless diversions. Hey, you could even win a prize.*

You may know Jack, but do you know smack and crack — and facts about ‘Special K,’ GHB and a dozen other drugs? Find out how well what you think you know stacks up against what you really do know in the interactive quiz You Don’t Know Smack.

Sex sells, and nowhere more boldly than in ads for booze and cigarettes. Match wits with America’s leading ad agencies (the same folks who brought you snake oil and lung cancer) as they pull out all the stops in their bid for your addiction dollar, in BabeWatch!.

Marilyn Manson says we’re all stars in the Dope Show. But even if that’s true, Marilyn’s only the latest in a long line of performers to cash in by pushing drug imagery — pro, con, and indifferent. (What, exactly, does being a star in the Dope Show mean, anyway?) Match drug lyrics and performers in Do It Now’s music trivia game, Name Dope Tunes!.

We still don’t know where all the flowers have gone, and now we have to ask where all the rockers, rappers, and miscellaneous megastars have gone — at least the ones who’ve turned up missing in action in recent years from booze, drugs, smoking, and violence. This is where you really can win a prize (a drug information sampler) by matching the star and the star stopper in MIA’s. Click the milk carton at left to go there.

*Note: Offer not valid in months containing the letter ‘r,’ and from May 1-August 31.


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