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before we can take you anywhere, past-tense-wise, you’ll need to give us directions. And that pretty much depends (as you already know, and as we point out in most of our publications), on where you want to go. We can make some suggestions, though…

If you want to dig around in our publication archives, do it. Now happens to be a darn good time to do it, too, as we also point out in our publications. The flashing “Now/Then” icon at left will get you there. Now, if you click it.

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And if you’re not sure where you want to go, we know what that’s about, too. In that case, feel free (you are, you know) to click over to our Timelines section and let your fingers do the tripping through the back pages of time, where history and opinion get all mixed up.

If you get lost, hey, we’ve been there, too. Just stay calm, reduce stimuli, and take a couple of deep breaths. And remember: You can always find your way home by clicking on the small blue planet icon at left and repeating the mantra “There’s no place like home.” There isn’t, you know. (And we’ve looked…)


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