First Vibration

They were way different times.Vietnam kept getting bigger, and the world kept getting smaller, by the minute.

Marshall McLuhan talked about cool media and hot messages, and kept raving about a future global village in which instant electronic communications would make everybody neighbors. Timothy Leary urged a generation to tune in, turn on, and drop out, and millions did just that.

Still, the real leaders — the unofficial aristocracy — of the New Order, were musicians, poets, and songwriters. Columbia Records headlined ads with a hyped-up catchphrase, ‘The Man Can’t Bust Our Music,’ and they were still probably more right than they knew. Because the real revolution kept spinning along at 45 or 33 RPM, puncturing the pretenses of the older generation, challenging and defining the new.

That’s the social context that we sprang from. And that’s where we went to work — recruiting the best and brightest in the rock music world to do something that had never been done before — participating in a compilation album around a single theme: that speed can do nasty things to wonderful people, who deserve a lot better.

Nobody got paid, nobody got rich, but Do It Now Foundation got off the ground because of it. And we’re still off the ground now — 37 years later — because of the commitment and compassion that the artists who donated their energies and services to First Vibration first spun into being.

We were honored and grateful then, and we’re honored and grateful now, to be touched by the magic of the music of people who wanted to make more than money. They wanted to make a difference.

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