Reader Mail

Thanks for your continued awesome
work on all your books, pamphlets, etc. I’ve used your info through
30 years of teaching and your flyers are always filled with great
stuff! My high school kids love it!! Much appreciation…

Jeanette Kirk
| Akron, OH

I just wanted to congratulate
you on your pamphlet on LSD.

It was informative, unbiased,
and easy to read. I think it is the only pamphlet I have read
front to back. I felt like I wasn’t being judged and that [it
included] all the facts I needed to make an informed choice.

Good work!

Dan Davis
| University of Kansas

I’m sure you get tons of emails like this but I just
wanted to say that I stumbled upon your website through
and I absolutely love it!

You have a ton of information
and I really enjoyed taking your drug quiz
that actually taught me a lot more than I realized I knew. Thanks
for providing such clever and informative reading material.

Kudos kudos kudos!

Kat Lloyd | San Francisco, CA

I was browsing this a.m., which
is something I rarely do. I was trying to find evidence, logical
reasons, or lies to tell the shrink I am seeing for the first
time in 4 years, in order to convincingly persuade him to prescribe
a legal amphetamine.

He knows of my bipolar, ADHD,
[and] schizophenic diagnoses since childhood, and I am now 64.
I just recently started using crack. I realize how dangerous
and stupid  this addiction could be — not that all the
rest weren’t. (I forgot to mention my compulsive addictive diagnosis,
which is off the charts.)

I have managed to raise 9 children
(via 5 wives) and I have a home that is paid for, and, finally,
a very accepting and loving woman who just may stabilize my environment
to the point that it will last, if I don’t sabotage or blatantly
fuck it up again.
The point of this message is that your article — which I pulled
up by mistake — impressed me to the point of writing this message
of thanks to you, and I look forward to reading more of your

I know I will not survive the
next addictive phase.

TS |

You Guys ROCK!!!

I grabbed one of the pamphlets
from our rack to see what we were putting out for our clients
(expecting some dry crap), and I gained a lesson on expectations.
I picked up “Cleaning
Yourself Up
,” and was really pleased with what I saw.

Then I went to your web pages,
and since I only get 30 minutes for lunch, I spent several
lunch hours going through the material.

Keep up the great work.

Earl D. Brown, CSACC | Camp Pendleton, CA

Hey!! I am in the process of
attempting to quit using meth (the 7th time in 10 years). I’ve
been clean for 18 days this time. Longer than I’ve stayed clean
since 1998!!! Yay!!!!

But I was completely jonesing
and rather than leave the house and get some, I figured I’d read
the negative effects and pray to God it would ease my craving.

I found your site after going
through some of the bull*&^% ones. You guys are completely
honest, and are able to do it without forcing anything down my
throat, in addition to using a little bit of humor. That is great!
I am an intelligent, 25-year-old woman, with a beautiful daughter,
a 3.6 g.p.a., and a wicked addiction to meth.

Thank you so much for being here
today. All the other sites I saw basically instigated my craving
with their truth twists and “don’t do it cuz you’ll die
immediately” propaganda.

Thank you so much,

–Tiffany | US

Thanks for the video. I was checking on short and long term
effects of crystal meth for a friend (for her court class from
using), and found your web site…

I’ll be “saving” it
for my own use for self & kids (ages 11 & 14).

Thanks for the support.

–TC | San Diego, CA

Dear Do It Now: I am 43 years
old and have been clean and sober for 5 years. (Better late
than never!)

As a teen/young adult I listened
to radio commercials
by your organization on the radio while I was higher than a kite;
I thought how sad that people couldn’t handle their drugs. I
was introduced to PCP around that time and stopped all other
drugs except it.

I was brought to my knees, began
my criminal career, and lost my mind for many years, behind that
drug. I went to your place on Gower on a bus to seek help. There
were people there doing research or something, and a counselor
I saw there for a while.

I stopped using PCP, but didn’t
quit anything else for a long time. I have a degree in behavioral
science now, am a certified drug counselor, and work in probation
for L.A. County.

I’ve never forgotten your help.
It was a blast to find you in cyberspace… Thanks.

–YME | Los Angeles, CA

Last Thanksgiving, I was looking
on the web to see if I could find one of those companies to buy
Xanax from, when your website popped up. When I clicked in and
began reading, I decided that I fit the profile as someone addicted
to the drug.

I decided I just didn’t want
to live that way any more, basically living from one pill to
the next, and that it would take serious commitment and many
days of just toughing it out….The next day, I went to my family
doctor, dropped all the pretense, and just told him the truth
about my situation. He switched my prescription from Xanax to
Ativan and, over a period of 10 days, reduced the dose a little
each day, until I ended up on none.

I can’t say that it was easy,
it wasn’t. In fact, it was one of the hardest things I have ever

Now, it’s 3 months later, and
I’m still not using Xanax. This is not to say that I don’t feel
anxious, at times. But when I think back about how sick I was
before, I’m able to keep going without the drug.

If it wasn’t for this web site,
I may not have gotten the urge to stop. To everyone else, in
a similar situation, I can only say one thing: DO IT NOW!

–Nedra | Louisiana

Thank you for the great research
paper on methamphetamine.
I found it through aol It was what I needed at the
time in my recovery. God bless…

–James K |

Hello there, Do It Now! I remember
you from circa 1970, when I was in college. You were the only
reliable, believable drug info source around. I am delighted
to see that you are not only still around, but that you are thriving.

Now that I am a grown up ( sort
of ), working with college students as a health-care provider,
I would like to introduce a new generation to Do It Now.

I appreciate your direct, honest,
non-preachy, light-hearted approach. This seems to be the most
effective way to communicate with young folks about such personal
issues as drug use/abuse, sex, violence, politics, relationships,

So please send me a catalog,
and keep on truckin’!

–M.Teresa de la
Vega, NP

Davis Health Center | SUNY

P.S. Your web site is a gem!

I just wanted to thank you for
the article, “Benzodiazepine
Blues: Living With & Without Minor Tranquilizers
That helped me so much. I am off of Xanax (for over 2 months)
and feel great.

This is a great article and has
helped me quit smoking too. I read it over and over. Thanks again!

–LeeAnn | US

Just been browsing around your
site for the last few hours and I’m impressed!

I’m also surprised I haven’t
heard of you guys, or your material, before — most mainstream
drug propaganda is still on the scare-em-as-bad-as-you-can trip,
full of distortions and, at times, outright lies.

So thank you for showing me that
there are people out there who can tell it like it is, with compassion
and intelligence and a real sense of humour.

I’ve been through my own little
rollercoaster o’ hell in the last few years, and am trying to
get off it, and finding your site has made my day and, hopefully,
my life better.

Keep up the good work,

–Cliff | UK

I recently picked up your marijuana pamphlet and I wanted whoever wrote
it to know that it inspired me to go online to your website and
leave this message — just to let you how much it changed me,
and how much I respect the author of the pamphlets for his (or
her) work.
Keep up the great

–Chris | Richmond, VA

Yesterday a young friend from
England asked me about LSD. I told her what I knew, but then
you came to mind…

I found your web site and was
pleasantly surprised to see you are still there! It’s a sharp
looking place with the kind of information that I expected to

It’s so cool seeing the power
of the Internet enhancing what we do. Keep up the good work!

–John | Elmhurst, IL

I think the website is great
and I plan on recommending it to professionals with whom I work.
Although I work in sexuality, the risk factors are so closely
linked. I’m excited by the work you’re doing. Kudos!

–Christine | Baltimore

What’s up, guys?

Hey, I totally think it’s tight
that you guys made a site like this. You guys rock.
Keep it up!

–Stacie | USA

Any chance I can get a copy of
the old Drug IQ
(circa mid-70’s)?

I actually had a paper one when
you first put it out, but I can’t seem to find it and I’d love
to have another. (Your website doesn’t allow me to print one

PS — I became a pharmacologist
in some part because I was so inspired by your pamphlets when
I was in high school! Now I’m a government scientist (but please
do NOT mention that in any publicity!).

KB | Silver
Spring, MD

My son’s father was a longtime
speed user who died of an overdose. He had a cardiac arrest at
the age of 40 on September 23, 2000. I am glad there are sites
like Do It Now Foundation to help people. He had a hard time
and never could overcome it. Your site helps!

–DLB |

This is a great website!

You give a lot of important information,
in easy-to-read format, which is fun to read, too. Unfortunately,
most of the drug information available through the doctor or
pharmacy is published by the drug manufacturers, and is “slightly”
biased. Of course, they only tell you the good stuff.


–Lorraine | Canada

Thank you. The video was good. Powerful to some…others
might laugh and think it is stupid.


I’m a nursing student at the
University of Pittsburgh, writing a health promotion paper on
an “innovative program” that offers education/counseling
to teens and young adults regarding substance abuse.

I was beginning to think no such
thing existed! Kudos on doing such a great job!

–Mary | Pittsburgh, PA

I found your site to be amusing
and informative and perfect for your target audience, which I
presume to be younger people.

I am in New Zealand and was a
long-time dope smoker. It totally ruled my life, but now I’m
free. Thank God for that. I’m clean as a whistle.

Your site was fun and I laughed
a lot. Keep up the good work.

–Robyn | Auckland, NZ

Thanks for an informative refreshing
honest look at the world of drug use.

Your site is a comfortable place
to be.

–Ben | USA

Just browsing and found you.
My first-ever record, given to me by my parents on my 9th birthday
in 1971, was a “Do it NOW: 20 Giant
” It says it was advertised on TV — we were in
West Africa at the time, so I don’t know about that. But I wanted
you to know that I still have it and it holds a very special
place in my heart.

It was, you see, the only
American/European music available. It also inspired me to learn
all I could about drugs and addiction, leading me to understand
that there was nothing redeeming about that path.

And so when we moved to the drug
capitol of the world, Bangkok, in 1974, I never touched the stuff.


–Edith | Bangkok, Thailand

I just wanted to write and say
thank you for the information on your site, and especially for
Sara Macintosh’s article
on the health effects of marijuana.

I’ve been having a hard time
giving up marijuana, and found the article very helpful.


–Vincent | USA

I am concerned about the seemingly
dramatic increase in the use of prescription drugs for recreational
purposes. I have seen a frightening pattern emerging. Kids are
indulging themselves by crushing and snorting pain pills, from
percocet, zanax, aderol, and oxycodone. The teens who decided
to snort the highly addictive oxycodone, street name is plain
oxy, have gone on to sniff heroin, which is almost always a deadly
addiction. People do not see the danger in abusing a drug that
is manufactured and prescribed, even if they are stealing the
pills. You offer two pamphlets that explore some of these issues,
Prozac and Darvon,
but I would appreciate seeing a more focused look at this serious

–MB | Vassar College

I recently picked up the informative
pamphlet “Crystal, Crank
& Speedy Stuff
” at a health center on my college
campus, Salt Lake Community College. I wanted to write this letter
to let someone associated with [its] production know I appreciate
the effort in making the public aware of “speed.”

I’ve been wanting to understand
this drug without having to experience it firsthand. A few people
I love have gone through the “Speed addiction” part
of their lives. All of them told me, as someone they love, to
never try it. They said it takes away your soul. I never understood
what they meant, because I have never degraded myself to such
an extreme.

I needed to hear the factual
information on the subject from someone or something that wasn’t
too emotionally connected to the problem. It is through this
pamphlet I have a mind set on never trying the drug, ever. Thank
you for relaying this information…

–Jana | Sandy, UT

I am a 2nd year graduate Medical
student in ‘sunny’ Queensland, Oz. We spend quite a bit of time,
in our new Med course, considering issues facing the community
today such as youth suicide, drug abuse, sexual abuse…but as
you guys say, much of the info/propaganda is biased and coldly

It is great to see useful, truthful
info presented in a laid-back, non-judgmental and easily-accessible
style. I find it very useful to read the stories of drug users
and those who have managed to quit. It really helps me, as one
who has never gotten into the hard drugs, to understand what
drives people to use drugs daily when it is so obvious that they
are doing serious damage to their systems. It is also vital to
keep reminding the population at large that, first and foremost,
drug users are people and deserve respect and compassion.

Thanks for the good oil on the
bad juices.

–Euan | Queensland, Australia

Hi, I found your site through
a link from the Vaults of Erowid (, started looking through
it, and found it unexpectedly interesting and in most cases reasonably
unbiased (ex. “Dancing
with Mr. E
“). I was pleased to find pamphlets including
quotes or writings from Burroughs,
Ginsberg, and Leary. I enjoyed finding
a pamphlet on aspirin
I am interested in how ALL drugs after the mind and body, not
just illegal ones… because they ALL demand our respect and
knowledge, whenever or however or whichever you decide to ingest.

–Jennifer | U.S. college student

This is a great site. It’s the
first place that I have been able to look up cool stuff without
feeling like a criminal or like somebody is going to be keeping
an eye on me for being interested in certain things.

The only thing is this: I came
across Do It Now through [your pamphlet] “Acid: LSD Today.” I would like to suggest
having a place for people to comment there. I’m sure you will
get a lot of responses. There is a lot of information there,
but there could be a lot more–especially from those 13.9% of
seniors who have tried LSD. I know that I have a lot of opinions
about that and I’m sure that I’m not the only one.

Thank you for giving me a chance
to state my opinion.

–JM | USIT.Net

I came across your article re:
speed/meth. I liked the
format and the manner in which the info was presented. I intend
to share the information with my son who has just entered middle
school. Thank you.

–CB |

After checking out the Do It Now website yesterday I wanted to know how
I could get involved. From 1995 until late last year I was a
pretty hardcore crystal meth user. The crystal use among gay
men is unbelievable and I have a lot of knowledge and experience
with that sub-culture. I thought that I might be able to give
some insight or possible help someone dealing with this hellish
drug. I recently completed a 12-step program and have been sober
for almost 9 months now. I’d like to help anyway I can. Thanks!

–Eric | US

I took some time out today to
read through some of your substance abuse awareness pamphlets.
I must admit, it was refreshing to read some factual information
for once; I am getting tired of reading material containing erroneous
drug information.

However, I must admit that I
don’t think your pamphlets are going to reach those individuals
who are going to do drugs no matter what they read, or hear,
or witness. There are some people who are going to want to experiment
with drugs, and although it would be better if they did not,
it is definitely a part of growing up for some.

So why not have a section on
what to do if you “freak out” while on acid. Tell the
reader that if they choose to experiment, be with people they
trust, etc. In reality, most will try drugs at some point or
another. In my opinion, what keeps someone from getting addicted
does have to do with reading about the scary stuff, but it also
has to do with so much more. And materials that are realistic…attract
a wider audience.

–KB | Harlem, NY

In re: your games page Name Dope Tunes!] I know about a Parisian
working class song hall of the 30’s, and it’s all about heroin.
The words pretty much suggest it all, from “a Chinaman visited
London” to “he belonged to a famous international company
making its round of the world” to “I slept like a baby.”
Hardly hip, I know, but the Classical music tradition has quite
an amount of drug references. Where would Mozart have been without
opium? You think he did it all by himself, do you?

–David | UK

To whom this (WOW!) concerns:

WOW! (or should I say wowie zowie?)

Tramping through web space I
came upon your site, and really enjoyed the archived recordings of Grace Slick and Frank Zappa… and much more. I don’t think
I’ve ever known anyone who has done such a creative job of informing
people [about] things related to drugs. There is a mysterious,
recognizable thread in the mix that seems to show the roots of
your originators. And I suppose that you would have had to be
there to see it.

–Daniel G |

Hi, all there,

I have read your brochures about
street drugs. They’re great–and they really changed my opinions
about these [things]. Stay hot! Be cool!

–Vojta | The Czech Republic

We received your brochure of
materials last spring and I tucked it away for future ordering.
Finally got around to ordering items for our Vertical File this
winter and tried some of your products.

We received the order this week.
Wow! Our library staff is totally impressed. The health teacher
is drooling with anticipation on using the fast facts, pamphlets,
and brochures with his classes. The graphics are very attractive
to teens, and the different formats appeal to many different
reading levels.

We will be ordering additional
materials next fall because, as with so much in life, once is
not enough! So, I went on line and was impressed by your website.
Finally a place with up-to-date info on the newest drugs! Thank
you so much…

–Narda LaClair | Essex Junction, VT

Hey! Your site is really great, as are your pamphlets….Rock
on with being honest.

–Jim |

Hi there. My name is Pierre-Paul
and I reside in “beautiful British Columbia.” The reason
I say quote-unquote “beautiful” BC is because, simply
put, its overwhelming beauty has been severely disfigured by
a meth epidemic largely ignored by the people of this province.
Everybody is using meth, from lawyer aquaintances of mine straight
down the ladder to social workers I know, and finally the street

I’ts a disaster, plain and simple.
Which brings me to why I’m writing you today: The article I read is deserving of a small medal
simply because it doesn’t mash and otherwise complicate the severity
of meth. Thank you.

I’m a recovering addict. I suppose
I always will be. However, it is encouraging and ultimately helpful
when simple facts and diagnostics aren’t marred by an insidious,
demonizing tone. Am I not human? Why must I feel shame for something
I could not have predicted in a million years?

Thanks again…

–Pepe | British Columbia

I was very pleased and thrilled with your page. I went here looking
for the effects of E and I found much more than that! Thank you
very much for making such an extremely useful and informative
site! I’ll be back to read and learn more. Thanks again!

–NGL |

Please send me your catalog.
With a son going on 13 years old and in middle school, I wanted
to have some straight talk information to provide to him in regards
to drugs and alcohol.

I am 45 years old and my parents
never provided this information to me. I grew up in an alcoholic
household before we knew what “addict” was. I was very
impressed by your website, your publications and I really enjoyed
the interview of Andrew Weil
in your archives. I have several of his books and love watching
him on TV.

I have saved your website to
my favorites and will definitely be visiting again soon. I am
so glad I found it today in my research of drug information sites.

Thank you for your assistance.


I’m just writing to commend you
on your pamphlet “Booze.”
I read it and I actually learned something from it. I
say that because when teens usually read a pamphlet on drugs,
alcohol, or sex, they usually just read what they already know.

This seems silly to me, but your
pamphlet was different. You didn’t say, “Hey! Don’t drink,
it’s not good for you!” Instead you outlined the reasons
for and effects of drinking and left people to make their own
decisions. That shows that you know about your reading audience,
because no matter how many pamphlets are written, teens will
continue to drink alcohol if they want to.

Again, I just wanted to thank
you for writing something that will make people think, rather
than just printing “babble” that gives a weak message.

–JB, high school

Brisbane, CA

I picked up the pamphlet entitled, “Acid: LSD Today” at school a few days
ago, expecting to get a good laugh out of it. I stuffed it into
my pocket and forgot about it until that night. I opened it,
expecting to find cold, stupid, informative gibberish within.
This was not so. Most drug use/abuse pamphlets use the “scare”
technique: tell the reader it lowers your sperm count, will kill
you, land you in jail, etc. Surprisingly, yours used a tactic
I had never seen before: Truth. I had to read through the whole
thing, looking for something to poke fun at, but found nothing.
Then I decided to look for good points, since I found no bad
ones. It was very informative and more sincere than any of the
others. You not only told the usual–what the drug will do to
you–but you told when/where/how it was discovered, a brief (but
interesting) history of the drug, how it works, and the part
I appreciated most was how to help a friend who is on a bad trip.

I just thought you might enjoy
some feedback about your work from an ex-LSD user. Thanks for
your truthfulness.

–J.L. | Lawrence, KS

Several organizations in this area said that D.I.N. puts out
the best material and highly recommended you. After reading your
updated pamphlet about heroin,
I totally agree with them.

–Former heroin addict | New Paris, OH

I just read the article on speed by Jim Parker and I felt
it was one of the best drug infomation articles I have come across.
Having had a pretty strong “relationship” with party
drugs, mostly ecstasy but also speed, it is refreshing to read
such an article, one which informs with insight the various effects,
reasons and possibilities related to the taking of such drugs.
It is not necessary to exaggerate the pitfalls of such consumption
or potray drug use in some crazy perspective as has been done
by our government in recent times. Not necessary when the dangers
of drug use are so real and their effects on one’s life so detrimental.
I continue using “party” drugs on a rare basis, enjoying
it and considering the risks of such use to be acceptable.
I do however try and expose myself to articles like this as much
as possible, because such well conceived matter will only help
reduce my drug use and should serve to do so for others.

–Sam T | Australia

Another thing that impresses me is how true to life it is, how
well I could feel and relate to what I was reading. Truth is
a word that comes to mind.

–S.A. (former heroin
Valley Springs, CA

Over the years, DIN has produced some of the best (and most accurate)
information to be found anywhere on street drugs.

–Russell Falck,

United Health Services,
Dayton, OH

The whole federal/state conglomerate effort nationwide for public
handout information on drug and alcohol problems has not accomplished
as much as Do It Now has in the last 15 years, via distribution
by over 30,000 organizations of at least 40 million pamphlets.
Keeping substance abuse problems under control is a long, hard
job! Do It Now is doing more than its share.


I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on
your concise, comprehensive, inexpensive documents. I have found
your publications, especially in Spanish, to be realistic and
eminently readable. Keep up the good work.

–Andres Garcia,
Project Director

La Alternativa, Buffalo,

I want to say that this web site
is very helpful and useful! I came here knowing only the name
and now I know all there is to know! Once again, thank you for
not giving me the runaround and getting straight to the point!

P.S. Keep up the good work!

–CF |

In 1968, the Do It Now Foundation came into being. The organization
was started because of the availability of drugs and the lack
of credible information about them. Since then, the Foundation
has evolved into one of the most-respected international publishing
houses of substance abuse information. It now serves the world’s
community of substance abuse professionals.


I wanted to let you know about the success your pamphlets are
having on the Northwestern campus. Our recently formed Alcohol
Awareness Group established a resource center in the Student
Union; they also have a traveling information screen that moves
among living units and Greek Houses. The students who stock the
centers report that they can’t keep D.I.N. pamphlets in stock
fast enough. They like the factual non-moralistic approach to
substance awareness.

–Carol Kolodziej | Northwestern University

This morning I was thinking of
the great PSA material
from the Do It Now Foundation and the National Association of
Progressive Radio Announcers (of which I was a member). I found
your web site and was amazed also to find the audio from the
spots. Thank you!

–Stacy Richardson |

I ran across “PregNot” when I was searching for information
on Phlebitis and oral contraceptives. It contained a clearly-written,
to-the-point summary of birth control methods. What a great resource
for teens or others looking for a simple explanation. Thanks.

–Susan | Maine

We support the Do It Now Foundation, respect their publications,
and appreciate their clear and concise presentations.

–John Garcia, Director | Center for Multicultural Awareness | Arlington, VA

The Do It Now Foundation is the main source of drug abuse information
that we cite at a telephone hotline where I volunteer. I’ve come
to trust their matter-of-fact approach-knowledgeable and cautious,
but not judgmental.

–Art Kleiner | Co-Evolution Quarterly

Your deep concern and active involvement in the field of prevention
is indeed impressive and gratifying.

–Sen. John McCain | U.S. Senate

I’ve always found your information to be concise, accurate, and
up to date. Thank you for the quality and quantity of work your
Foundation does in this ever-changing, overwhelming field.

–Dorothy A. Perry | East Valley St. Luke’s Behavioral Health Services | Chandler, AZ

It is always difficult to find accurate, honest, and reliable
information in the substance abuse field. I [am] always able
to rely on the information provided by Do It Now. Thanks for
still being there.

–Don L. Crowder,
| Burlington Medical Psychology Clinic | Burlington, WI

You are the light of truth in these dark days of misunderstanding
and half-truths….

–J.S. Haralson,
| Inter-Tribal Alcohol & Rehabilitation

Hi! I just got onto your site,
after being redirected from Twin Town Treatment Center’s site.
(I am a patient there, with 22 days clean/sober.) Your Alcohol and Pills video was awesome — so
many lives taken by that mixture. Even though I grew up in the
era of Jimi and Janis, I was unaware of the many other lives
that had been affected. Some I have heard of, but to see them
all together like that was sad…

I will spend more time on your
site, and so far, I like what I see — a lot.

Thanks for being here.

–Kim V | USA

I just read your article on psilocybin, and found the information to
be accurate and straightforward.

Checking out your site, I was
really surprised to find such frank and useful information. I
wish that all drug and sexuality education was more like what
is presented on this site. I’m about 10 years older than your
target audience, but I wish that when I was that age I had gotten
real info instead of reactionary propaganda that was false enough
to blow the credibility of the people who were supposed to be
teaching these topics in school.

Anyway, brilliant job. Keep it
up. I think your site will help smart kids to make good choices.

–Allison | USA

Dear Do It Now Foundation:

You guys are cool!!!!!!!! I think
it’s so rad that you aren’t afraid to give out information on
lesser and even unknown drugs and their effects. I think that’s
great. Keep writin’!

–BB | Santa Maria, CA

I very much appreciate your publications and find them to be
the most accessible and readable ones that are available.

–Kathy Donovan | Ottawa, Ontario

I’ve visited your website and
am impressed. It looks like you take a harm reduction approach,
am I right? I would like to get more information about the mission of your organization.
I am a member of LifeRing Secular Recovery (which uses a non-12
step approach to recovery), and I’m looking for non-biased information
on drugs (info which presents the facts and lets individuals
make up their own mind). Thanks…

–Mark | California

Your current Ecstasy pamphlet offers a well-balanced counter-point
to the current media frenzy about the drug. Particularly good
is the harm reduction info you have laid out for people (get
rest, drink water, etc,) who do chose to use the drug.

However, you have left out to
two key harm reduction points:

1) SSRI’s strongly decrease the
neurotoxic effects of MDMA. Selective serotonin reuptake inhibiters
(SSRI’s such as Prozac) appear to block or at least mitigate
the neurotoxic effects of MDMA when taken within six hours after
ingestion of MDMA. Prozac effectively ends the MDMA trip, and
greatly reduces or eliminates the depressed serotonin levels
seen in users immediately after use.

2) neurotoxicity GREATLY INCREASES
with higher doses. In other words, doing 5 hits of Ecstasy at
once is a lot worse than taking one hit of Ecstasy five weekends
in a row. This dose-based increase appears to be exponential.

Kids often try to “chase”
their E highs by taking hit after hit. However, if you look at
how MDMA actually works in the brain (by releasing serotonin
into the synapse), you see right away that this is an illusion:
once all the serotonin gets released, no amount of MDMA will
keep an Ecstasy high going. Instead, more and more pills in series
just cause more neurotoxic damage. Kids need to know this.

For a good explanation of the
how MDMA neurtoxicity works and how SSRIs and low doses can help
mitigate it, take a look a They have an excellent
“brain chemistry slide show” that gets into the specifics.

Info along these lines could
— indeed, it probably SHOULD — be part of your next pamphlet
on Ecstasy.


–Stacia Monteith | USA

Your materials are excellent and applicable to all levels of
recovery: from intervention information for family members to
denial-breakers for clients in treatment. They enhance and work
well with out other educational/counseling tools.

–Carlton C. McAvey,

Addiction Recovery Program | Libertyville, IL

I recently read a publication by Jim Parker on heroin titled
The Junk Equation,”
and I personally know a few people who were thinking of trying
heroin but were turned off [the idea] by the publication. Thank

–RR | Moraga, CA

Just thanks.

–Marie |

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