Match the babes below to their brand of booze, brew, or butts. Then, guess the annual gross worldwide sales of the brand each is selling. If you need help, click on the thumbnail for a closer, more-manipulative peak at the full ad. But you’ll still have to use your imagination to guess totalsales.

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Babe Brand Billions
Skyy Vodka $2.7 billion
Bacardi Rum $760 million
Skyy Blue $2.5 billion
Jim Beam Whiskey $5.6 billion
Kool Cigarettes $2.1 billion
Bacardi Limón $1.4 billion
Bacardi Rum $2.4 billion
Kool Cigarettes $914 million
Bacardi Rum $14.3 billion
Skyy Vodka $8.5 billion
Camel Filter Cigarettes $1.6 billion
Lucky Strike Filter Cigarettes $273 million
Kahlua Liqueur $3.36 billion
Pearl Vodka $976 million
Camel Cigarettes $9.73 billion
Tanqueray Gin $1.2 trillion

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