Alcohol and Pills Music Video

We’re proud, in a sad-sick sort of way, to introduce our first music video, which you’re welcome to view and download. The video is built around a haunting ode to fallen stars written and performed by alt-country singer-songwriter Fred Eaglesmith, titled “Alcohol and Pills.”

It tells the story of five brilliant performers — Hank Williams, Elvis Presley, Janis Joplin, Gram Parsons, and Jimi Hendrix — who touched all our lives for a short time. Then they were gone, because of drugs and alcohol.

In a real way, their loss is our great common loss, that such spectacular talents and unique voices could be silenced forever by something so simple — and yet, so devastating. And their story is our story — at least, it’s a part of the life of every one of us who’s ever hummed one of their songs, remembered their electrifying talents, and wondered what might have been.

That’s why we dedicate Alcohol and Pills to our absent mutual friends: Hank, Elvis, Janis, Gram, and Jimi. We miss you. We all do.

Basic Quality: Small screen (280×210) & file size (11.8MB), lower quality image. For slow connections, impatient people.

Mo’ Better Quality: Bigger screen (320×240) & file size (39.1MB), better image. For middle-of-the-road types.

Best Quality: Full screen (640×480) with a file size to match (116mb), but better image quality. For fast connections or serene people.

Let us know if — and how well — you like it. We love it, but then again, we would.

Playback requires QuickTime plug-in from Apple. Click for free download.


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