Title: Positive Parenting: Building Character in Young People
Author: Philip St. Romaine
Publisher: Do It Now Foundation
Publication Date: May 2007
Catalog Number: 221

4: Love in Action

Despite all our best efforts
and fervid intentions, it’s possible that some of the suggestions
we’ve made in this book won’t work. That’s okay. That’s the way
life is. We all get to choose and, sometimes, kids choose things
we wish they hadn’t.

Still, kids who continually choose
to break your rules and defy your authority might have a problem
that could require professional help. Don’t hesitate to seek
help if that’s the case in your family.

Also, problems that stem from
drug or alcohol abuse are sometimes virtually impossible for
parents to sort out and correct without the assistance of helping
professionals, and the same goes for learning disorders and a
host of emotional problems, including anxiety, depression, and
other psychological issues.

It’s a wise parent who recognizes
the limits of his or her competence and turns to those who can

It’s no failure on our part to
be imperfect and limited. We are only human, after all.

But that’s no excuse for not

Clarifying the principles that
help build character in young people is an important first step
in effective parenting, but it’s important to remember that none
of them are effective unless they’re applied in everyday life.

Good intentions may count for
something, but not always as much as the people who intend them
hope they do — unless they’re translated into meaningful action.

And while there are hundreds
of creative ways to affirm our kids and teach them the responsibility
they have for the choices they make in their lives, none of the
ways mean a thing until they become a manifest part of the love
and trust at the bottom of the parent-child relationship.

Why not begin today to make love
and trust the basis of your relationship with your child? And
why not begin today to make love and trust the basis of your
child’s relationship with you?

It’s what we’re here for. And
it’s what they’re here for, too.

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