You Are Enough

Think about it: When you go to a doctor with a problem, what does he or she do? Reach inside you and manipulate your organs, or poke an instrument into your veins to remove a germ or replace a gene?

No, doctors can't do that. All they can do is assist the body in its own efforts to fix what's wrong. Your body already has all the stuff and all the ability it needs to heal itself!

Think about this, now: Whenever you go to your psychiatrist, therapist, counselor, or your sponsor with a problem, what does he or she do? Reach inside your mind, push a few buttons, adjust the emoto-cognitive focus of an aberrant brain cell or two?

No, nobody can do that. All anyone can do to help you out of a funky mindset is to remind you of what you already know: You are in charge of what goes on inside your head!

Notice, though, that this isn't intended to mean that you shouldn't go to doctors or counselors or therapists. They have a definite role and function in your recovery process.

But don't give them hell, either, if something in you refuses to accept what's wrong or do something about it.

And don't get upset if you can't see yourself as clearly as they can. Sometimes, old Mom Nature just hides things from us.

(For our own good!)

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