The Inner Voice

This thing has been called a lot of different things: A hunch, a lucky guess, a feeling in one's bones, intuition, an answer to a prayer, and on and on.

Edison called it "listening within." Leo Burnett, the great ad man, called it "creative conscience." I call it the incubation process.

Whenever I have a problem, I input and input all the data I can, then I just let it incubate in this great machine in my head I call a mind. Then, one day, viola! [I know...] A light comes on and the answer pops out.

Every one of us has a small, underdeveloped voice inside ourselves. Call it what you want, but to really create you have to listen to that voice -- trust it and act on what it tells you.

Before you go to sleep tonight, go over all the material you've collected for that special project, then pop it into your incubator.

If the answer doesn't pop back out in the morning, you might want to go for a walk or a workout or otherwise keep an open and receptive mind. If you really did do all your homework, the answer will come.

And if you still don't get an answer, that's an answer.

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